Should Syrian Refugees Be Compared to Jews Fleeing Germany In WW2?

The 30 U.S. states refusing Syrian refugees on ‘shaky legal ground,’ say experts. In wake of Paris attacks, at least 30 U.S. governors announced plans to bar Syrian refugees from their state

GUEST: Steven David Elliot – Historian, professor of Jewish Studies and former Radio host



Amanda Gutterman is Editorial Director at Slant News

Barry Farber – Conservative host of the Barry Farber Show

Larry Johnson worked as a CIA intelligence analyst and State Department counter-terrorism official.


Tennessee GOP leader: Round up Syrian refugees, remove from state

Bloomberg Poll: Most Americans Oppose Syrian Refugee Resettlement
Americans agree with Republican presidential candidates on refugees, but are divided on whether to send U.S. troops to Iraq and Syria to fight the Islamic State, according to the poll.

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