Attorney Gloria Allred Discusses Fate of Bill Cosby

Debate Features:

Jordan Chariton
Political Reporter, The Young Turks

Erin Hunt Brinker
Co-Host, On the Brink Morning Show
CNBC News Radio KCAA AM 1050

Rocky D
National Radio Host


Cosby Free on $1 Million Bail
Bill Cosby was arrested in the twilight of his life and career and charged with a decade-old sex crime after a barrage of accusations from dozens of women made a mockery of his image as TV’s wise and understanding Dr. Cliff Huxtable

Here’s How Much Prison Time Bill Cosby Could Face

Here Are the Places That Have Cut Ties With Bill Cosby

GOP Establishment Has No Problem with Hillary Win, Won’t Address the Clintons’ War on Women

Trump calls Bill Clinton ‘one of the great abusers of the world’

Obama under pressure as report reveals the NSA spied on Israeli Prime Minister…and members of Congress

‘Highly provocative’: Iran rocket launch near US ship latest challenge for Washington

Supreme Court to decide politically charged cases in 2016

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